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-> IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings - Singapore, 14-20 September 2006
The IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings and related events took place in Singapore from September 14 to 20th. Asian movements together with an international group of NGOs converged in an International Peoples Forum vs the IMF and the World Bank in Batam, Indonesia.


-> Social movements to meet for a symposium on debt and alternatives for Latin American peoples
The First International Symposium on "public debt, citizen auditing and investment and savings alternatives for Latin American peoples", took place from September 22-24 in Caracas, Venezuela. During the event, different thematic cores analyzed, among them: public debt audits, the Southern Bank and the Southern Monetary Fund.
Source: International Debt Observatory

-> South American social movements got together to discuss integration
Within the framework of the Call for Global Actions against IFIs, Rede Brasil, Rebrip and FBOMS organized a seminar-workshop in Sao Paulo, where representatives of South American organizations got together to discuss the future of continental integration, the Initiative for the Integration of Regional Infrastructure in South America (IIRSA) and the role of IFIs.
Source: IFIs Latin American Monitor

-> Good business in 2006: The World Bank insists on the liberalization of economies
The World Bank has released the new version of how to do "good business", covering 175 countries, with updated information about the reforms carried out by these economies to attract investments. The degree of protection of the economies to foreign investments and labor market flexibility can be highlighted among the areas taken into account in the report. However, social and environmental aspects are not included as part of good business. (pdf format)
Source: D3E - CLAES

-> The trip to Singapore
It is likely that different officials from the IFIs would be left unemployed and the size of the institutions would be reduced; that is not a threat to security, but simply the result of IFIs failure and of their lack of credibility. At least they cannot go on talking about democracy and economic reforms. They do not believe in democracy, and this meeting and its bans were proving the case.
Author: Oscar Ugarteche


* Social Watch Report 2006: "Impossible Architecture"
The Social Watch Report 2006 was launched September 19th. in Singapore, at the Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group. The report pointed out that net transfers to developing countries from the Bank and the International Bank for Reconstruction (IBRD), have been negative every year since 1991.
Source: Social Watch

* How progressive is Stiglitz?
The figure of economist Joseph Stiglitz appears increasingly often as a reference and source of inspiration for many advocates of new development policies. We find ourselves in a situation where a traditional economist appears as a figure that is cited by the most diverse array of alternative movements. There is something odd in all this: Stiglitz is still a conventional economist and his positions are nearly always rooted in the liberal tradition.
Source: D3E - CLAES

* The geopolitics of Latin American forign debt
Despite its importance, consideration of foreign debt over the last few years has been diffuse and blurred. Whereas in the 1980s foreign debt was the focus of argument, twenty years later it appears as a marginal issue, as much in discussion of public policy on the development financing of alternatives to the current model as in critical theory. Despite that, the issue of debt in current circumstances may be perhaps even more strategically important than in the 1980s.
Source: Znet
Author: Pablo Dávalos

* World Bank approach to governance and corruption
The World Bank approach to governance is not based on the promotion of more inclusive and democratic societies. The Bank acts both as judge and jury when it is in fact just another actor in the international financial architecture and is also likely to be involved in acts of corruption. In terms of corruption, the World Bank approach reduces the causes of corruption to actions carried out by Southern States, thus assuming that they distort the market and do not contribute to overcome poverty.
Source: Jubileo Perú


* CDES celebrates the Norwegian Government’s decision to cancel its illegitimate debt with Ecuador

* Norway cancels the debt claimed of five South countries, reports Jubilee South/Americas

* Final statement of the First International Symposium on "Public Debt, Citizen Auditing and Alternatives for Latin American..."

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-> The IMF: Shrink it or sink it - A consensus declaration and strategy paper
The current moment, when the IMF is most vulnerable owing to its triple crisis, is the most opportune time to launch a campaign to disempower it-to "shrink," if not decommission it.
Source: Focus on the Global South

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-> Social Watch
Social Wath is an international network informed by national citizens' groups aiming at following up the fulfilment of internationally agreed commitments on poverty eradication and equality. These national groups report, through the national Social Watch report, on the progress - or regression - towards these commitments and goals.

-> International Debt Observatory
The International Debt Observatory is a tool of exchange of knowledge, analyses and research on the problematic of the debt. Its aim is to provide precise analyses in most domains relating to debt as well as a unique statistical database.

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