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-> Third High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness: 2-4 September 2008, Accra, Ghana
In September 2008, ministers from over 100 countries, heads of bilateral and multilateral development agencies, donor organisations, and civil society organisations from around the world gathered in Accra for the Third High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness (2-4 September). Their common objective was to help developing countries and marginalised people in their fight against poverty by making aid more transparent, accountable and results-oriented.

-> Follow-up International Conference on Financing for Development: 29 Nov.- 2 Dec. 2008, Doha, Qatar
In its resolution 62/187 of 19 December 2007, the UN General Assembly decided that the Follow-up International Conference to Review the Implementation of the Monterrey Consensus will be held in Doha, Qatar, from 29 November to 2 December 2008. The aim is to review the implementation of Monterrey's decisions and determine the new initiatives that would be necessary to meet the increasingly compromised Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The political challenge faced by governments lies in achieving specific agreements at the Doha Conference well beyond the minimum Monterrey Consensus.

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-> The Bank of the South: An alternative to the IFIs?
This special coverage includes information and analysis on the constitution process of the Southern Bank: official documents, civil society initiatives and analysis on the negotiations to set out the Bank guidelines.

-> Financing for Development
The opportunity that came up in Monterrey can turn into a road to nowhere without an injection of political will.


->Ecuador: ICSID panel claims it has jurisdiction in OXY case
A panel from the World Bank’s International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes, or ICSID, said that it has jurisdiction for the claim of the US-based oil company Occidental Petroleum Corp. (OXY) against Ecuador. Ecuador has said several times the ICSID does not have "any jurisdiction for this issue". The Ecuadorian government has been trying to prove that Occidental broke the terms of its contract in Ecuador.
Source: Bilaterals

->IDB rejects civil society dialogue
The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) dismissed a proposal for a joint seminar on Amazon infrastructure and sustainability planning mechanisms at upcoming civil society meeting in Montevideo. By many accounts, the IDB rapport with civil society has fallen to its lowest level. One is pressed to imagine how things could get worse. Yet they have.
Source: Bank Information Center

->World Bank's new poverty estimates spark controversy
The World Bank released in August new poverty estimates stating that more people are living in extreme poverty in developing countries than previously thought. It came to that conclusion after adjusting the recognized yardstick for measuring global poverty to $1.25 a day from $1. These new estimates have sparked controversy from analysts that claim the Bank’s new estimates are based on the same methods it used earlier and are undermined by the same problems as the earlier estimates.
Source: Choike


* Chronology of the Bank of the South
The process of the Bank of the South is made up by a sum of official and social instances that have nourished it with content. From March 2006 to July 2008 it is possible to identify landmarks along the way. This chronology presents some of the outstanding facts and its main actors.
Source: IFIs Latin American Monitor

* The road to Doha
The appearance of the BRICS, –Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa– powerful nations from the so called Second World, has changed the international development finance arena. These are official lenders who operate with their own laws international credits and that have a capacity for economic growth and for redesigning the international commodities market such that it appears that the slowdown of the leading economy is not affecting very significantly international commodity prices. There will be a discussion at Doha on the need of a new debt workout mechanism and the creation of an international financial law that will replace the current system.
Author: Oscar Ugarteche
Source: Latindadd

* An introduction to Regional Financial Institutions in Latin America
Civil society must influence Latin American Regional Financial Institutions (RFIs) to assure that the mistakes and shortcomings of IFIs are not repeated, that the RFIs are not simply channels for the intermediation of global capital, and that they don't replicate practices of financing projects with high social and environmental impacts. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the projects financed really serve development interests and aid in the eradication of poverty.
Author: Eduardo Gudynas
Source: Americas Policy Program, Center for International Policy (CIP)

* Evaluation of the implementation of the Paris Declaration - Phase one
The Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness, endorsed in March 2005, is now recognized as a landmark international agreement aimed at improving the quality of aid and its impact on developmentThis report synthesizes the results of the first evaluation of the early implementation of the Paris Declaration, from March 2005 to late 2007. It comprises extensive assessments in eight countries, together with "lighter" studies on eleven development partner or "donor" agencies, focussing at the headquarters level. (pdf format)
Source: Accra HLF3


* World Bank’s Doing Business makes unsubstantiated assertions, rewards countries that have not ratified ILO Conventions, by ITUC

* Challenges to the notion of Aid Effectiveness (pdf)

* CSO Statement on aid and the debt crisis

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