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-> World Bank/IMF Annual Meetings - 11-13 October 2008, Washington D.C.
The 2008 Annual Meetings of World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) will be held over the weekend of October 11-13, at the WB and IMF headquarters in Washington D.C. As in previous years, the Civil Society Policy Forum, a program of policy dialogues for civil society organizations (CSOs), will be organized alongside the Annual Meetings. This year the Forum will be held from October 9 – 13, 2008. Also, from October 12 to 19, various citizen actions and mobilizations will take place worldwide, as part of the Week of Global Action against Debt and IFIs.

-> Follow-up International Conference on Financing for Development - 29 Nov.- 2 Dec. 2008, Doha, Qatar
In its resolution 62/187 of 19 December 2007, the UN General Assembly decided that the Follow-up International Conference to Review the Implementation of the Monterrey Consensus will be held in Doha, Qatar, from 29 November to 2 December 2008. The aim is to review the implementation of Monterrey's decisions and determine the new initiatives that would be necessary to meet the increasingly compromised Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The political challenge faced by governments lies in achieving specific agreements at the Doha Conference well beyond the minimum Monterrey Consensus.

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-> The Bank of the South: An alternative to the IFIs?
This special coverage includes information and analysis on the constitution process of the Southern Bank: official documents, civil society initiatives and analysis on the negotiations to set out the Bank guidelines.

-> Financing for Development
The opportunity that came up in Monterrey can turn into a road to nowhere without an injection of political will.


-> Eighth Annual Meeting IDB - Civil Society
The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will conduct the Eighth Annual Meeting IDB - Civil Society in Montevideo, Uruguay, from 17th to 18th October, 2008. The event will be attended by more than 180 representatives of social organizations, national, sub-regional and regional levels. At the organization process the IDB rejected the proposal by a group of social organizations to conduct a joint event on the IIRSA Initiative and the Strategic Environmental Assessment.
Source: IFIs Latin American Monitor

-> Who should control the Bank?
The World Bank board will discuss a package of reforms to the way the Bank is governed at its Annual Meetings, hoping to agree a concrete set of actions by next Spring Meetings. Despite calls from developing countries, civil society and academics for root and branch change to address the Bank's gaping deficits in democracy, legitimacy and accountability, the proposals are uninspiring. Critics are stepping up the pressure for a fundamental rethink.
Source: Bretton Woods Project

-> International Campaign against the illegitimate debt - North/South study and strategy meeting
From September 9-15, 2008 the organisations working on debt held a North/South dialogue at Quito, Ecuador. This dialogue was concretised at the World Social Forum at Nairobi in 2007 with the creation of "International campaign against illegitimate debt". During seven days of intense work, the principle debt networks combined to reinforce their collaboration. A certain degree of consensus was expected without ignoring the political divergences within the movements. It’s certainly an important step towards the construction of a common campaign and actions.
Source: CADTM

-> Report on external debt reveals that its objective was to benefit financial sector and transnationals
The Comprehensive Public Credit Audit Commission, created in July, 2007, presented its Final Report to the president of the Republic, Rafael Correa, in which it concludes that over the period 1976-2006, the process of indebtedness in Ecuador took place to the benefit of the financial sector and transnational corporations, affecting visibly the interests of the State. The Report establishes responsibilities and co-responsibilities of lenders and of Ecuadoran authorities and officials.
Source: Ecuador Inmediato


* The Bank of the South: the search for an alternative to IFIs
Although each government expresses different ideas regarding the purpose of the Bank of the South, the very fact that the bank has been set-up challenges dominant international financial institutions. This is a counter-hegemonic initiative but still it may not be enough to change the pattern of neo-liberal development based on the irresponsible extraction of tax, financial and natural resources from developing countries.
Source: IFIs Latin American Monitor - Latindadd

* Doing Business 2009: continue in the same
The World Bank's annual report on the favourable conditions for doing business has once again unleashed criticism from all sides and from different sectors, both outside and within the Bank itself. This report not only rewards the greatest reformers, but also punishes those who have not done enough to press for some way to recover lost competitiveness and implement the necessary reforms as soon as possible to harness the benefits of investments.
Source: Latindadd

* Poverty is not decreasing as the World Bank claims
On the eve of a UN presidential meeting on poverty reduction the mainstream consensus that globalization is reducing poverty around the world was challenged today by Social Watch. The World Bank latest estimates, announced last August, claim that extreme poverty has been reduced by half in the last 25 years and that therefore the internationally agreed goals for 2015 can be met.
Source: Social Watch

* World Bank a major cause of climate change, says its former scientist
The World Bank is a major contributor to climate change, through its projects and policies that cause Greenhouse Gas emissions in transport, energy, industrial livestock and deforestation, according to a well-known environmental scientist who previously spent 23 years working at the Bank. The devastating criticism was made even as the World Bank is striving to become the major source of global financing for programmes in developing countries to address climate change.
Source: SUNS


* 200+ Global groups demand IMF policy reform in developing countries before gold sales approval

* Recommendations for the UN FfD on external debt (pdf)

* Resolution of support for Ecuadorian debt audit, by International Campaign on Illegitimate Debt

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* Joint Bretton Woods Project Update Nº62
BWP launched a special edition of its Update for the IMF/WB Annual Meetings co-produced with Afrodad, the Bank Information Center, Choike, and Eurodad.

* As usual, IFIwatchnet develops a special coverage of the meetings where you can find useful information for events, who's in town and news/updates related to the meetings. Besides, a blog section will reflect personal experiences on the meetings and all around them. Check the IFIwatchnet coverage during the Annual Meetings season and keep yourself informed with day to day updates and analysis!

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