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-> To pay back more than what is granted, a Latin American problem
The balance between amounts granted and amounts paid turns out to be in favour of multilateral credit institutions in many Latin American countries. To maintain credit lines available could be a highly expensive resource for fragile economies. Ecuador and Paraguay are two countries facing a similar situation.
Source: IFIs Latin American Monitor

-> World Bank cancellation will keep people waiting
The International Monetary Fund kicked off the debt cancellation deal agreed by the G8. Now, it would be the turn of the World Bank, but it has announced that relief implementation will not become effective until July 1.
Source: IFIs Latin American Monitor

-> Argentine organizations filed an Appeal for Legal Protection against payment of debt claimed by the IMF
Social, religious and political leaders filed an Appeal for Legal Protection so that payment to the International Monetary Fund is declared unconstitutional and thus suspended. This instrument was signed by more than 50 petitioners and was submitted before the Chamber of Appeals in Federal Contentious-Administrative Matters.
Source: Jubilee South

-> Venezuela also analises an early cancellation of debt
Following Brazil and Argentina’s announcements of an early cancellation of their debts to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Venezuela – the country with the most favourable macroeconomic indicators in the region and ideologically akin to South American governments – is also analizing an early cancellation of its debt to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the World Bank and the Andean Development Corporation (CAF).
Source: IFIs Latin American Monitor


* Argentina: The effects of paying off the IMF
The Argentine government presented the early cancellation of debt to the IMF as a sovereign act of historic proportions. Kirchner stated that the country is recovering autonomy and freeing itself from IMF inspections. However, when it comes to facts it is blessing a privileged creditor.
Source: CADTM

* Breaking the Chains of Debt: Bolivia's Public Debt
Bolivia is once again one of the world’s most heavily indebted countries. Adding to the chains of external debt are increasing levels of domestic debt slavery. New report by Fundación Jubileo Bolivia reveals the gravity of the country's public debt burden, despite partial debt relief.
Source: Eurodad

* A new era at the Inter-American Development Bank - Six recommendations for the new President
This report lays out key challenges facing the institution, explains how the Bank is uniquely poised to address them, and offers six recommendations for the new president to consider as he launches what can and should be a new era at the IADB.
Source: Center for Global Development

* Summary report: Eurodad electronic conference on poverty and social impact analysis
Eurodad hosted a three week electronic conference to discuss poverty and social impact analysis from 1st – 22nd November. This e-conference was an open space for discussion and aimed to take into account the different roles of civil society organisations, donors and government actors in using evidence to influence policy reforms. This short report summarises the main points of discussion from the conference.
Source: Eurodad


-> Cancel Latin America's debt!
The next step on debt is to make sure that Latin American countries get a fair deal. Four of the 18 countries whose debts were cancelled by world leaders this summer continue to pay millions to the IDB. Now is an opportune time to be doing advocacy work around IDB debt cancellation ahead of these annual meetings.
Source: Jubilee USA Network

-> Global call for action to boycott Singapore Airlines
This is a global call for action by Consumers Association of Penang and Friends of the Earth Malaysia to boycott Singapore Airlines in view of the warning issued by the Singapore government that it is prepared to cane or imprison protestors who commit "violent crimes" during the forthcoming Annual Meeting of the World Bank and IMF in September this year which will be held in Singapore.
Source: Friends of the Earth Malaysia

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->Center of Concern
The work of Center of Concern during the past several years has been directed at analyses of globalization through the lenses of gender, class and race, with a concern for human rights, especially economic and social rights.

-> Committee for the abolition of the third world debt (CADTM)
The CADTM is an international network of activists who strive to develop and implement radical alternatives that would contribute to the maintenance, and indeed retrieval, of fundamental human rights all over the world. CADTM’s specific focus is the Third World Debt and its aim is to achieve the cancellation of the external public debt in third world countries.

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