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Accelerating into disaster – When banks manage the food crisis - Civil society statement for the High Level Meeting on Food crisis 200+ Global groups demand IMF policy reform in developing countries before gold sales approval (pdf) World Bank’s Doing Business makes unsubstantiated assertions, by ITUC
Challenges to the notion of Aid Effectiveness (pdf) Democratic ownership, by Gigi Francisco (Accra, 2008) World Bank own evaluation group slams "Doing Business" Report, by ITUC
US NGOs call on Congress to require changes in IMF policies before any gold sales International sign-on statement to World Bank President on Bolivia investment case World Bank hands off forests
Public Hearing on the World Bank convened by the World Bank Campaign Europe, under the auspices of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal World Bank and IMF – Major changes needed, by ITUC Spring Meetings: IMF and World Bank need to step up on labour rights and inequality, by ITUC
About the negotiations between the IMF and the government of Nicaragua, by Jubilee South The only condition is no condition - Jubilee South on conditionality Response from Intermón Oxfam and Coordinadora Civil (Nicaragua) to IMF on conditionalities
Urges all developing countries to turn down the G8 injunctions IMF response to Oxfam-Intermon’s letter to IMF Rodrigo Rato Statement by Felisa Miceli, Minister of Economy of Argentina at International Monetary and Financial Committee Meeting (pdf)
Latin America: Structural reforms and competitiveness, remarks by Rodrigo de Rato   
World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth - Peoples Agreement Civil Society's Letter to Inter-American Development Bank on the 9th General Capital Increase (GCI) (pdf) 85 organizations call on the IMF to support a Financial Transaction Tax
Solidarity and respect for popular sovereignty: Haiti is calling, by Jubilee South Americas Debt for disaster? Jubilee USA dismayed by IMF proposal for $100 Million loan to Haiti "System change – not climate change" A People’s Declaration from Klimaforum09
Letter to IMF Managing Director from over 90 groups re. civil society participation in IMF study on Financial Transactions Taxes Social investment is the key, by Social Watch Statement on eco-justice and ecological debt, World Council of Churches
Message of support for the installation of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry on the Public Debt UN Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis - Contributions and demands from the global debt movement (pdf) UNCTAD symposium on "global economic crisis and development - the way forward"
Highlights of Press Conference by the PGA on the upcoming UN Conference on the International Economic and Financial Crisis UN Expert urges countries to acknowledge shared responsability for debt, drawing lessons from Norway and Ecuador Ensuring development in the face of the financial crisis (pdf)
UNCTAD calls for temporary debt servicing moratorium (and other calls) Statement by the Doha NGO group on financing for development ECOSOC panel discussion on "Civil Society Perspectives on the Financing for Development Agenda"
Inter-American Development Bank turns 50 & reports record losses Campaign declaration: "IADB.50: Fifty years financing inequality is enough!" (pdf) Declaration of the Assembly of Movements fighting to overcome debt domination
Global Trade Unions urge World Bank and IMF to take further strong action against growing world-wide unemployment Poznan Declaration: World vs. Bank Summit of the Peoples in Bahia called for Latin America and the Caribbean - December 12-15, 2008 Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Follow-up International Conference ends with adoption of text calling for further meeting (pdf) Closing remarks by Jens Martens, Civil Society Forum - Doha, November 29th. Quito Declaration - In the face of the financial crisis, we demanded a change in model
Letter to the President of the General Assembly - UN, November 28th. Civil Society supports UN-led Summit on finances Contributions to the Monterrey Consensus follow-up - Doha, 2008 (Latindadd)
Caribbean civil society demands Haiti debt cancellation Latin American and Caribbean social movements and organizations demand immediate actions Recommendations for the UN FfD on external debt (pdf)
Resolution of support for Ecuadorian debt audit, by International Campaign on Illegitimate Debt CSO Statement on aid and the debt crisis Open letter of support for the public debt audit in Ecuador (pdf)
Without concrete commitments, Accra outcome will be an agenda for inaction, by CSO International Steering Group Internal review says World Bank must reform its approach to the environment, by Environmental Defense UN Human Rights Council appointed a new Independent Expert on the effects of foreign debt on the full enjoyment of human rights.
CSOs Statement on Debt, Food Crisis and Climate Change - G8 Summit 2008, Japan Statements delivered at the Hearing of Civil Society on financing for development - 18 June 2008, UN Headquarters Good intentions are not enough - Hearing with representatives of Civil Society on Financing for Development (Latindadd - pdf)
Global civil society statement on World Bank Climate Investment Funds Public statment on Inter-American Development Bank loans to Latin American States Latindadd and the ALC-EU Summit (pdf)
Civil Society Forum Declaration to UNCTAD XII (pdf) Joint NGO Letter to G20 on responsible lending NGO Letter on World Bank climate funds
14 NGOs write to UN Secretary General on debt Open letter to International Finance Corporation regarding financing for Camisea II International sign-on statement to World Bank President on Bolivia investment case
World Bank, IDB and Ex-Im Bank loans to Hunt Oil’s peruvian fossil fuel project would breach Bank’s own guidelines NGO statement on the World Bank's proposed Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) World Bank hands off forests
Civil Society statement on Global Aid for Trade Review (Gevena, November 20-21) Civil society response to World Bank draft discussion Paper on Odious Debt: a call for a full, independent peer review Regional workshop on the illegitimacy of debt, strengthening resistance and alternatives
Latin America before the G8 Summit: 205 million people in Latin America live in conditions of poverty, by LATINDADD (pdf) 2 years after Gleneagles promises on debt, vulture funds undermining G8 debt deal Jubileo Peru and the Platform for Human Rights, Democracy and Development vis-à-vis the pre-payment agreement with the Paris Club
Press Statement on the incidents of violence on June 2 by debt campaigners Quito's Declaration in support of Ecuador's sovereign policy vis-à-vis debt Statement by the Assembly of Caribbean People (APC) and the Cry of the Excluded on the IDB announcement
The IDB approves debt relief – for whom?, by Jubilee South/Americas IDB Governors approve debt relief for Bolivia, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras and Nicaragua (Press release) About the negotiations between the IMF and the government of Nicaragua, by Jubilee South
Declaration on debt, WSF in Nairobi, Kenya After IDB debt cancellation the challenge lies in responsible indebtedness, by Fundación Jubileo (pdf) CSO letter to IADB on debt cancellation
IDB decides whether to contribute to debt cancellation until December 21, by Latindadd (pdf) Latin American CSO send to IDB a second letter on debt cancellation (pdf) IDB approves partial debt cancellation for five countries of the region, by Latindadd (pdf)
Declaration of Port au Prince, Haiti (pdf) LATINDADD Declaration from a Latin American and Caribbean perspective, within the framework of Eurodad`s Annual Conference Latin American and Caribbean CSOs write to IDB President to call for immediate debt cancellation (pdf)
LATINDADD's pronouncement on IDB debt cancellation (pdf) HIPC IDB Governors urge immediate debt cancellation Jubileo Peru welcome Norway's decision to cancel debt owed by five Southern countries
CADTM applauds Norways's initiative and calls on all creditor countries to go even further CDES celebrates the Norwegian Government’s decision to cancel its illegitimate debt with Ecuador Norway cancels the debt claimed of five South countries, reports Jubilee South/Americas
Final statement of the First International Symposium on "Public Debt, Citizen Auditing and Alternatives for Latin American..." Transcript of a press briefing on IMF Latin America and the Caribbean regional economic update NGO letters to World Bank on governance and anti-corruption framework
IMF Executive Board concludes 2006 Article IV consultation with Argentina Letter with signons to president IDB Madeira River Urges all developing countries to turn down the G8 injunctions
Civil G8 statement to Putin on trade and finance Reports on special high-level meeting with the BWIs, WTO and UNCTAD World Debt Day: Jubilee Network fights for total cancellation of illegitimate debt
Argentina: Presentation of bill to declare void the debt undertaken by the military dictatorship Statement regarding the IADB debt cancellation - Fundación Jubileo (Bolivia) Statement by G8 Finance Ministers meeting in Moscow
World Bank President welcomes G8 Finance Ministers’ commitment to development IMF to extend 100 percent debt relief for 19 countries under the Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative (MDRI) Argentinians and Brazilians CSO: "Life before debt!"
Press release-IMF: Argentina announces its intention to complete early repayment of its entire outstanding obligations to the IMF World Bank urges WTO members to focus on global poor Remarks by Anne Krueger for the Fund-Bank panel on aid for trade at WTO summit in Hong Kong
United Nations General Assembly's resolution about "The external debt crisis and development" Communiqué of the International Monetary and Financial Committee of the Board of Governors of the International Monetary Fund Eurodad urges ministers to take responsibility and agree debt deal
Remarks by IMF Managing Director Rodrigo de Rato at the High-Level Plenary Meeting of the UN General Assembly Statement by Global Unions to the Annual Meeting of the IMF and World Bank - The IFIs' role... Statement by the IMF Managing Director following Executive Board discussion on the G-8 proposal for further debt relief
Civil Society statement on debt and climate change delivered at G8 leaders Global community must exceed current trade and aid pledges, United Nations General Assembly President says IMF: the Argentine authorities have informed of their desire to start negotiations on a new economic program
G8 Finance Ministers'conclusions on development (June 10-11, 2005)   
The G-20 Toronto Summit Declaration - June 26-27, 2010 (pdf) G8 Muskoka Declaration recovery and new beginnings G-20 Communiqué - Meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors, UK, 7 November 2009 (pdf)
Statement of the Seventh Summit of the ALBA-TCP, Cochabamba, Bolivia (in Spanish) LATINDADD in view of the World Bank Group and IMF Annual Meeting in 2009 followed by G20 meeting in Pittsburg Pittsburgh G20 Summit: “Mission accomplished”?, by CIDSE
Leaders' Statement: The Pittsburgh Summit G20 & the IMF: peddling cosmetic changes while hounded by illegitimacy Campaigners call for an end to bonus culture, tough rules on the City and a radical shake-up of IMF from Pittsburgh G20
Jubilee South rejects IMF backing of Honduran Coup D'Etat UK continues to exclude NGOs from G20 discussions Quito Declaration - On finance for Living Well and the enforcement of Nature's Rights
Civil society demands community input into IFC policy review US Congress should demand IMF reforms in the wake of large increase in IMF funding - Press release by New Rules for Global Finance Civil society organizations challenge IDB commitments to development results and sustainability
LATINDADD’s contributions to the UN Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis and its impact on Development Major surgery, not cosmetic facelift, must be at center of UN Conference on economic crisis The Voksenaasen Statement on a necessary response to the global financial and economic crisis
Joint statement of the BRIC countries’ leaders Ecuador’s Statement at the Chair Meeting with the International Monetary Fund (IMF/WB Spring Meetings, Washington DC) Letter to social movements, non-governmental networks and intellectuals
The Declaration of Cumaná No IDB replenishment without reform, says coalition - Press release With Regard to the G20 Meeting - Latindadd
Full text of BRIC countries joint communique at a G20 finance ministers' meeting NGOs submit proposals to the UN special commission on global crisis The Commission of Experts of the President of the UN General Assembly on Reforms of the International Monetary & Financial System
Social movements in Latin America confront the G20 and develop a plan of action to cope with the financial crisis Oxfam: G20 must prioritise fight against poverty Economic crisis: World’s Trade Unions put recovery and reform plan to G20
South Centre calls for revamping the global financial architecture Developing countries call for IMF reforms, New Rules for Global Finance World Bank governance letter - CSOs demand urgent change
US NGOs call on Congress to require changes in IMF policies before any gold sales New voting formula at IMF falls short of bringing genuine change Advocacy letter on IMF consultations framework by global civil society
Second open letter to the Presidents of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela As Dominique Strauss-Kahn takes up his post, CADTM demands full acknowledgement of the consequences of IMF operation World Bank and IMF – Major changes needed, by ITUC
Selecting the IMF’s next Managing Director in an open, transparent, and merit-based process (pdf format) CADTM press release on IMF leadership selection process IMF Managing Director Rodrigo de Rato to step down in October
Open letter to the Presidents of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela on the Bank of the South Press release regarding the selection of Robert Zoellick as President of the World Bank New World Bank President will need to prove he is right for the job, by Oxfam
Neo-conned again! Zoellick replaces Wolfowitz in move to keep the Bank in corrupt rut, 50 Years Is Enough Name your candidate for World Bank President, says Oxfam International World Bank critics lament departure of Wolfowitz, by 50 Years Is Enough
Statement on the World Bank by Transparency International As Wolfowitz feels pressure to resign, critics call for accountability, transparency and democratization of the IFI's World Unions call for accountability and democracy at World Bank and IMF
European civil society backs Wolfowitz resignation calls and urges comprehensive reform of Bank governance Letter from Social Watch Coordinator to IMF-WB authorities About the new IMF and WB strategies - After the Singapore meeting in the light of the Latin American reality, by Latindadd
Trade Union statement to the 2006 Annual Meetings of the IMF and World Bank Report of the Executive Board to the Board of Governors: Quota and voice reform in the IMF NGO letters to World Bank on governance and anti-corruption framework
Speech by Rodrigo Rato at the event hosted by Center for Global Development World Bank President urges G8 +5 leaders to reach trade deal Justice or conditionality by another name?: World Bank statement at the Human Rights Council
Remarks by Agustín Carstens (IMF) at the plenary meeting of the Group of Thirty: "A strengthened surveillance role for the IMF" G24 on International Monetary Affairs and development Joint statement on the Doha Round by the heads of the IMF and World Bank
The G-20 statement on reforming the Bretton Woods Institutions - China (pdf format) Concluding remarks by Rodrigo de Rato and Figaredo at the annual meetings of the Board of Governors of the Fund Intergovernmental Group of Twenty-Four on International Monetary Affairs and Development
Global community must exceed current trade and aid pledges, United Nations General Assembly President says   

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