The Seminar “Environment and new financial architecture” was held in Quito
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Source: IFIs Latin American Monitor
Mon Aug 17 2009

From August 4-6, the seminar-workshop “Environment and New Financial Architecture” was held in Quito, Ecuador, under the auspices of the government of Ecuador and international agencies of the United Nations system, with the participation of Latin American experts. The seminar aimed to contribute to the creation of an environmental impact assessment in development projects of the Bank of the South and to seek financial mechanisms that would favour the environment within the framework of a new international financial architecture.

The seminar responds to the need of promoting broad discussion spaces for the purpose of identifying the best methodologies to evaluate projects with environmental criteria, that are to be urgently implemented by regional development banks, thus prompting a real sustainable development that favours the preservation of the environment and controls the negative effects of climate change.

More information:

-> Weblog of the Seminar (in Spanish language)

->Quito Declaration - On finance for Living Well and the enforcement of Nature's Rights

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